Best way to clean a glass table – 3 easy steps

Cleaning a glass table can be frustrating and sometimes you don’t seem to get the results you want.  We are going to cover the best way to clean a glass table in 3 easy steps.  Step 1 Spray a good amount of cleaner onto the table.  Most times the cleaner is being used too sparingly.  Step 2 Use enough paper towels to do the job properly, 3-5 full-size pieces should do the job.  This is where your elbow grease comes into play unfortunately there is no skipping this step.  Step 3 Buff the table with a clean microfiber cloth.  This will not only buff away streaks left by the paper towels and cleaner but also catch any spots you missed.  If you use these 3 steps you should be able to achieve great results cleaning your glass table. 

Microfiber cloth

Paper towels


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