Digital Printing On Glass

Glass trends always come with the ebb and flow of time, but glass has been a classic medium that stands the test of time. It never appears to go out of style or fade from popularity in residencies.

One relatively new glass trend is digital printing on glass. Digital glass printing allows for numerous designs and patterns on glassware, glass gifts, and glass awards. But did you know glassware with a digital printed design goes great in any kitchen, bar, or restaurant? Here we give you some tips to enjoy the benefits of this glass trends.


Customize Your Glassware To Set Your Establishment Apart From The Rest

While glass printing is not as popular as other types of glass artwork, digital printing on glass has made glass printing more affordable and accessible for homeowners. For those looking to purchase glass art or glass prints, here are some of the benefits digital printing on glass has over traditional glass printing.

  • No glass etching necessary – digital printing is painted on with a UV cured graphic topcoat.
  • It’s perfect for custom glass designs.
  • No glass fusing or glass slumping is needed during the glass printing process.
  • No glass kiln or glass furnace is necessary during the glass printing process; however, a heat press is used for curing the topcoat on glass art.


Make Your Designs Unique

Homeowners, architects, and interior designers are all adopting these glass trends. There are several different ways to personalize your glass. The possibilities for customizing your glass are endless because there are so many various textures, colors, and styles to select from.

The great part is that the back of any digitally produced glass top may be gently lit using LEDs, giving you limitless design options for any room anywhere. Your glass is a blank canvas.


Incorporate Printed Glass in Your House With C&C Glass

Incorporate printed glass into your home or business needs. C&C Glass is the glass company you’re looking for; we’re always ready to take on the challenges of custom glass by installing shower doors, sliding patio doors, mirrors, or decorative glass panels. Our expertise in the industry has allowed us to integrate these custom pieces of art into our customers’ homes.


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