Save Hundreds Of Dollars With This Homemade Glass Cleaner!

The average American household spends about 40 to 50 dollars each month on cleaning supplies for their house. If you’re trying to save money, that is almost 540 dollars each year just on cleaning supplies.

But what if we told you that you could save almost 25 dollars each month (300 dollars each year) on cleaning supplies if you use homemade glass shower door cleaner! A lot of people think you need the expensive brands for cleaning something like glass, because of course you want that no-streak, sparklingly smooth, finish every time.

The truth is, as long as you have some vinegar and access to water, you can get that clean finish every single time! Using an 80 to 20 ratio of water to vinegar ( 50 to 50 when dealing with hard water stains! However, that much vinegar can be very acidic on glass, so use with caution!)

Here Is How You Properly Clean Your Windows With Water And Vinegar

  1. Wash your windows with warm water and a squeegee to remove excess dirt and dust
  2. Mix up enough vinegar and water in a spray bottle to do all of your windows.
  3. Spray the mixture on the glass, then wipe down with a soft cloth or paper towel
  4. Once you have gone over all of your  glass surfaces with the vinegar and water mixture, wash with warm water and a squeegee to remove excess dirt and residue.
  5. All done! Your windows will look sparkling clean and streak free!

Remember, to avoid hard water stains on shower doors or glass table tops, skip the vinegar when you start cleaning and use pure water spray. If you have hard water stains after the pure water rinse, then add vinegar to your mixture and wipe down with a soft cloth or paper towel.

The Best Way To Save Money Is By Hiring Professional Shower Door Cleaners

Hiring a professional shower door cleaning service is the best way to ensure that your glass doors are spotless. They know the best way to clean your glass doors without leaving water stains and streaks.

C&C cleaning service by C&C Glass is the best option for glass shower door cleaning. We are professionals and will make sure your glass door is as clean as they get. If you’re interested in a shower door cleaning service, contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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