How Long Does Bathroom Remodeling Take? – We Ask A Pro!

“How long does it take?” is the main question around remodeling projects. Well, there’s no straight answer, according to Mike from DBS. The project planning and the budget are the main factors determining the length of the work. 

Mike is a lead carpenter at DBS Remodel and has completed many bathrooms and other remodeling projects.  Remodeling, especially for a bathroom or even a kitchen, can go from simple to extravagant.  

Remodeling 101: Understanding Projects And Timeframes 

Remodeling is especially important for home improvement projects, where the goal is often to improve the function or appearance of a space. We bring you this guide to help you set your future project’s timeframes. So how long does it take to remodel a bathroom?  Mike breaks down remodeling into 3 levels.

Level 1 – Changing Small Things To Enhance The Look Of The Space – A Few Hrs To A Week

Adding or replacing small bathroom fixtures, painting, or rehabilitating old furniture are ways you can change your bathroom’s look. You can get these projects done over a Sunday with the right tools; the main bathroom may take 1 or 2 Sundays. 

This is the perfect task to gain experience if you’re a beginner & want to get started in home improvement projects.

 Level 2 – Small Amounts Of Tile Changing, Fixtures Adding/Upgrading Shower Door – 1-2 Weeks

Here’s where things start to get a little more complex. Tiles and fixtures can keep you busy for extended periods, and sometimes you’ll need to redo while you’re learning.

These projects often involve careful measurements, techniques, and knowledge. Getting a professional involved is strongly recommended. Furthermore, professionals can help you stay within your budget and avoid costly mistakes.

Level 3 – Custom Bathroom Full Remodel Of The Space, Including Design – 4+ Weeks

Custom bathroom full remodel projects can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the scope of the work. A contractor will need at least 4 weeks to complete the project in most cases.

Most contractors will use demolition and drywall work to prepare the space. Once the old fixtures have been removed, the contractor will likely install a new subfloor and framing and install new drywall. Once the drywall is in place, the contractor can install the new fixtures like a new shower glass door.

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, allow yourself plenty of time to complete the project and check your contractor’s portfolio for references. It’s also essential to check up on reviews on the internet.

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