How to measure for a mirror

Looking to measure and install a mirror in your home as a diy project?  While some mirror projects are just too large to do on your own there are plenty of opportunities to do a DIY mirror project.  Measuring properly is the key to getting a professional look.  It’s a little difficult to describe without visuals how to measure properly and we won’t be going into how to use a tape measure or level properly today however we put together a quick video that we think will give you a good idea of how to measure for your mirrors.

*Make sure before you order your sizes are correct. We always recommend Double checking your measurements.

*If you choose to do your own mirror installation PLEASE be careful it is glass it can cause serious injury.

*Tools for the job- something to take notes on, tape measure, level, & strait edge.


My preferred tape measure Stanley 16′

Cheep level

Expensive level


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