How To Replace The Hinge On Your Frameless Shower

So you need a shower door hinge replacement. This commonly has to be done because the hinges get old and corroded. Changing your hinges is best done by a professional. Still, if you have basic handyman skills, you can do this project yourself. It is not a difficult task, but you should know a few things before starting. Discover here how to do a shower hinge replacement.

Some Considerations Beforehand

Sometimes you just want to do a project yourself. Whether DIY is your style or you just want to save a few bucks and do it yourself, we want you to know the right way to replace the hinges on your shower door. Make sure that you order the correct replacement hinge for your shower. There are numerous hinge styles with different hole/notch/cutout patterns and sizes.

If you choose to do your shower door hinge installation, PLEASE be careful. Your shower door is safety glass, but it can still cause serious injury. This task typically requires 2 people to complete. To do this, you’ll need the following tools:

  • 4 Wood shims
  • P3 screwdriver (most common)
  • P2 screwdriver (usually only seen on 1/4″ doors)
  • An appropriate size Allen key

Steps To Repair A Shower Door Hinge

  1. First, you will want to remove the bottom sweep from your shower door and shim the door in place using wood shims.
  2. Next, remove the screws from the inside of the hinge plate while someone holds the exterior of the hinge. Remove the hinge as well as the old gasket.
  3. Install the new hinge the same way the old hinge came off. Don’t forget your gaskets and tighten the screws down.
  4. Finally, remove the shims and replace your bottom sweep. That’s it, your all set!!

Check out the video to get a visual of how to replace your shower door hinges.

Get A Reliable Hinge Replacement And Other Shower Services

At C&C Glass, we offer a wide variety of different shower services, including shower door continuous hinge replacement. We can help you with anything from replacing your hinges to a full shower door installation. We also offer emergency glass repair services. We understand that accidents happen and will be there when you need us. At C&C Glass, we’re glad to be the contractor you can rely on.

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