How To Use a Caulk Gun For The First Time

Every so often we have a homeowner ask how did you get the caulking so neat?  We take a lot of pride in making sure projects look amazing when finished, and if the caulking is messy or sloppy this can make a great project look bad.  We also recognize that there are a lot of instances when a quick repair needs to take place and maybe you want to replace the caulking around your shower or shower door.  Using a caulking gun takes lots of practice but due to overwhelming demand we figured we would give you some tips.  This topic is very hard to discuss in an article so we recommend you watch the accompanying video.

Whats in the video?

The basic parts of the caulk gun

How to load the caulk tube into the caulk gun

A quick tip so you don’t get air pockets in the first bit of caulk

The basic idea of how to caulk

Don’t forget if you choose to caulk something in your house please make sure you read the label of the specific caulk your using and follow all manufacture recommendations for your safety.

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