Painted Glass: The Rising Bathroom Design Trend

It’s 2022, and the interior design world is abuzz with a new trend: painted glass. You can use this unique and eye-catching material in various ways to create beautiful and stylish bathrooms. Whether you want to go for a classic art deco look or an Andy Warhol-inspired pop-art vibe, painted glass can help you achieve it!

Spice-Up Your Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are now not limited to just clinical white, polished ceramic, and a clean contemporary feel. Instead, people are getting more confident about going bold with colorful glass shower walls or painted glass shower doors. It adds a sense of fun, personality, and vibrancy that can make a bathroom space come to life.

More specifically, pastel colors are huge in this trend. Colors like blues, greens, lavenders and pink are popular. These colors give the space a sense of tranquility, relaxation, and calmness.

Painted glass has been around for centuries but has seen a resurgence in popularity since 2021. There are lots of reasons to love painted glass in your bathroom space:

It’s A Great Way To Add Color And Personality

One of the main benefits of painted glass is that it can add life to a bathroom that might feel too boring. Whether you choose a bright color or something more subdued, painted glass can help you achieve the look.

It’s Versatile

You can use painted glass in various ways to achieve different looks, from glass shower walls, shower doors, windows – really any glass surface in your bathroom.

It’s Durable

Painted glass is tough and long-lasting. Unlike some other materials that might chip or scratch over time, the painted glass will look good for years to come.

It’s Easy To Clean

Like any other glass feature, it’s easy to clean with a sponge and soap remover solution applied to it twice a week.

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