Shower Door Coatings

Hard water stains can cause unsightly and even permanent staining on you shower door or any glass surface,  that’s why we always use a surface coating on every shower we install.  Our preferred surface coating is a product called clearshild.   Its ability to be applied in the field along with the fact that lasts for years are major factors in why we use this product.  Clearshild makes the glass surface an antibacterial antimicrobial surface that repels soap scum and hard water staining and keeps glass looking clean.   As an added benefit is it also makes the chore of cleaning glass much easier! Clearshild can be used on other glass surfaces as well, here are a few we found this product really works well with.

  • Shower doors
  • Glass railing systems
  • Windows
  • Glass tile
  • Glass tabletops

For more information on clearshild check out our video below.

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