Shower Door Lock – Can It Be Done?

Shower doors locks may not make much sense for domestic bathrooms, but they’re great for public or outdoor showers. Whether it’s a gym locker room, sauna, spa, or pool. Shower door locks are a great addition to maintaining privacy in open spaces.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “It’d be awesome to lock my shower door?” well, in this blog post, we’ll go through shower door locks, and it’s the most common question.

Absolute Must-Knows About Shower Door Locks


The Installation Can Be Done On New Doors Only

You can’t retrofit shower door locks to your existing ones because of shower doors’ temperate glass because a piece needs to be cut out to install a lock to your existing shower door. This procedure will shatter your shower glass. But if you’re purchasing a new one, you can have this feature added.

In Case Of An Emergency – ADA Compliant

Shower doors locks must be ADA compliant. It allows you to lock it from the inside and still provide access from the outside. Rescue or emergency teams can easily open this type of lock with a screw-like piece of metal in a few seconds to remove anyone from danger without any major effort.

We hope this info really helps you to understand the purpose intended for shower door locks. You must consider adding one in the beginning stages when you’re designing and ordering your shower door.

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