Top Design Trends for Bathrooms & Showers 2021

Hygiene will remain at the top of mind, especially in high-traffic areas like bathrooms, where it is expected that interiors prioritize easy-to-clean surfaces. If you want to give a twist to your bathroom decor and functionality, these 2021 bathroom trends are for you. Adding these features while maintaining a degree of elegance is key to jumping in the new trends. Check out the top design trends for bathrooms and showers.

#1 – Glass Shower Doors 

One of the most popular bathroom trends right now. They can add a touch of refinement to any space and are easy to clean. If you’re thinking of installing glass shower doors, you should consider glass shower door installation to ensure the glass doors are properly installed.

#2 -Framed Glass Doors 

They offer more privacy since they leave 4-6 inches open at the top, which means that anyone outside of the shower will not be able to see into it unless they’re standing right outside the glass door. If you prefer framed glass doors, for this reason, custom frameless shower doors are also available options.

#3 -Add Tails To Your Design

If you’re looking for a more luxurious feel in your bathroom, consider marble tile for your floors and walls. Marble is a popular choice because it’s elegant and timeless. It’s also easy to clean and maintain.

To complete the look, add some chrome hardware and accessories. Chrome is a popular finish because it matches almost any decor and gives your bathroom a modern look.

#4 -Warm Colors 

The most popular colors for 2021 are vivid and warm, a good combination for any space that starts and concludes your day. Look for innovative, long-lasting paint to help your bathroom stay cleaner for longer, regardless of the color you pick but keeping brightness and a nice atmosphere.

Start the year using one of these trends, and you’ll notice a huge difference between an ordinary bathroom and one with personality. Plus, you’ll elevate your home’s value without losing functionality.

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