What is Laminated Glass

Ever wonder what is laminated glass?  Lets dive into that today and get a better understanding.  So very simply Laminated glass is 2 pieces of annealed glass with a piece of vinyl sandwiched between. The vinyl between the glass acts to keep the glass together if broken.  This makes the laminated glass a type of safety glass.   You probably interact with laminated glass every day.  Laminated glass is used in windshields, Storefront doors, sidelights, jewelry cabinets and much more.  Laminated glass shines with its ability to stay together even when broken.  Tempered glass is much stronger impact wise however in some scenarios like windshields for example the glass stays together leading to less chance to be ejected from the car.  Jewelry stores like laminated glass because even if broken the jewelry is still protected from theft.  We hope this gives you a clear idea of what laminated glass is and where it’s useful.


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