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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of window repair? (Fogged, cracked, etc)

There are typically two types of window repair. One of the types is fogged windows. Having a fogged window just means that the insulation around the window has broken, allowing condensation to get through – reducing the overall r-value of your home (potentially).

Are windows usually repaired from inside the house? Or outside?

It depends on the window! Some window repairs can be done on the outside, and some can be done on the inside. Our glass techs will be able to answer any questions you may have on site when they come for the measure!

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the window repair?

There are things that you can do to prepare for a window repair but they are not necessary! For example, if you have the ability to move the furniture away from the window that needs repair, it is extremely helpful. Removing any blinds that may be covering the window is also not required but will help our glass techs perform the job quicker.

How long does a single window repair take?

This can vary based on the window! The average window in a residential home would take about 30 minutes to an hour. If you’re curious, feel free to ask the glass technician when they come to measure the space!

What is the process for repairing windows?

First, we come onsite to measure your window(s). Once we have the correct measurements, we can order OR make your replacement glass. Once your glass is ready, (typically about a week) we will call you to book the repair which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour on an average residential window.

Are you going to take my broken window out of my house?

Yes we definitely can! Once the new glass piece is installed, we can take your old one away.

What do you do with the old window once it is gone?

Once our staff takes the old broken glass away, we dispose of it properly!

How do you prepare for a window repair?

Since all of our staff is properly trained in Window Repair, the glass techs coming to your home will be given information the day before regarding your project. This also includes loading the truck the day before to ensure everything is accounted for. If there are specific details to be mentioned, this is also addressed the day before to clarify or answer any necessary questions.

What is the general cost of repairing a window?

The cost of any window can vary based on the window makeup and the size/difficulty of the project.

Is my assessment free?

Yes! We pride ourselves on doing free assessments no matter what the project is.

What is the difference between a regular broken window, and a fogged window?

A broken window is a window that is cracked in some way. A fogged window means that the seal is broken. A broken window can also be a fogged window. You’ll notice condensation between the panes of glass. Either way, the repair is the same.

How can I make sure my windows stay in perfect condition?

Windows are one of the things in a home that can be overlooked. Cleaning your windows at least twice a year can help you to spot any irregularities or issues quickly and address them before they become a problem; most windows if installed properly don’t need anything! Just make sure your windows are cleaned enough so you can notice any excess water on the frame or dry rot / cracking on the molding.

Are newer windows easier to clean?

Not necessarily. If you clean your windows twice a year, (spring and fall) They should be easy to clean all the time. However, there are environmental factors that can affect the difficulty of cleaning. Typically windows become harder to clean when there is a buildup of pollen or dust on a window. Also, smoking indoors can cause a nicotine film to go over the windows which is also very difficult to clean.

Why should I choose C&C Glass for my window repair?

There are countless reasons you should choose C&C Glass. First, our techs are specially trained to repair windows while being fully insured/licensed so you can feel confident that the job will be performed to your satisfaction. Also, we always stand behind our work while taking pride in quality and workmanship.

What do I need to consider when purchasing a window repair?

If the company is doing a repair – It’s good practice to make sure they have proper licensing and insurance so they can legally work on your home. Most legitimate companies can replace the windows with the same glass type that came out. It’s also good to consider that a lower price does not ensure a quality service and vice versa. To ensure you’re getting the best service and best price, it would be beneficial to research the company that you’re dealing with and see if they have a good reputation, shows up on time, and stands behind their work.

Why is replacing my windows as soon as possible so important?

If your window is broken, you’re exposed to the elements and you have a potentially dangerous situation with broken glass that can cause serious injury. If the window is fogged, the window seal is broken. This also means that its r value (insulation value of the window) is also affected as it may decrease your homes overall insulation significantly.

How can I make sure I have properly cleaned up the broken glass before a window repair?

If the window is in a high traffic area, be careful and use rubber or gardening gloves if possible and vacuum numerous times after picking up the large pieces. Dispose of the larger pieces of glass in a hard plastic bin or cardboard box. Please DO NOT put the glass in a plastic bag as the glass can poke through and cause injury. It is also important to wear shoes while cleaning glass to protect your feet from stepping on any small fragments of glass by accident. IF the window is not in a high traffic area, and doesn’t need to be cleaned up immediately, let our glass techs clean it up for you! Just let them know before entering your home.

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