Shower Door Coatings

Hard water stains can cause unsightly and even permanent staining on you shower door or any glass surface,  that’s why we always use a surface coating on every shower we install.  Our preferred surface coating is a product called clearshild.   Its ability to be applied in the field along with the fact that lasts for years are major factors in 

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Painted Glass: The Rising Bathroom Design Trend

It’s 2022, and the interior design world is abuzz with a new trend: painted glass. You can use this unique and eye-catching material in various ways to create beautiful and stylish bathrooms. Whether you want to go for a classic art deco look or an Andy Warhol-inspired pop-art vibe, painted glass can help you achieve it! Spice-Up Your Bathroom Design 

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Painted Glass Windows– Customize Your Glass Project

Customized painted glass projects are ideal for letting you add your special touch to them. They’re also excellent if you’re looking for a unique gift or even if you’re interested in adding to your home decor. Painted glass designs can transform plain window panes into accent pieces for any room in your home. From custom cabinet doors to glass vases, painted 

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New 2021 Trending Hardware Colors

Want to custom glass shower doors and bathroom but not sacrifice the traditional charm? These contemporary glass trends and hardware colors will offer your bathroom a current and clean appearance that will WOW just about everyone. Matte black hardware/finishes, brass with a brushed gold finish, and brushed nickel are among the trends listed here. Keep reading to know more about glass trends. Bring a Fresh 

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How To Prepare for Ordering a Glass Shower Enclosure

A frameless shower enclosure in a modern bathroom offers a clean and unobstructed aesthetic that looks great. Frameless enclosures, unlike shower curtains, give an open, airy atmosphere while also allowing you to showcase expensive custom tile work and fixtures. It doesn’t make sense to hide the details of your remodel behind a curtain. Here are just some of the things 

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How to measure for a mirror

Looking to measure and install a mirror in your home as a diy project?  While some mirror projects are just too large to do on your own there are plenty of opportunities to do a DIY mirror project.  Measuring properly is the key to getting a professional look.  It’s a little difficult to describe without visuals how to measure properly 

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